India, mon Amour

We all carry a sort of affection, a kind of Love towards India and towards what this country can create, can awaken inside of ourselves. That special energy which touches us, impresses us, dazzles us, inspires us… Its music, sounds, imagery, its images, its dances… Love for the sacred, the devotion, love for the picture and sound, love for  emotion…

India, mon Amour is an evening built like a love story which is started softly and builds to a higher state to reach Union and Harmony. *

* A bit like what the maithuna represents, the sacred goal of Hinduism, this return to the original Happiness where neither suffering nor fear had affected human beings.

Caroline Tabah took on the roles of consultant, concept designer, film editor, and scriptor for the event India, mon Amour, presented as part of the MixSessions series at the SAT (Société des arts technologiques de Montréal), April 26, 2007.



First glances, budding smiles, first palpitations. Hope. A prayer. A call for this Love. For the realization of the incarnation of that new emotion which elevates the soul…

  • Screening of Bollywood film clips
  • Traditional dance by Ginette Dion-Ahmed who will make an offering of flowers, MALLARI, followed by SLOKAM, a prayer dedicated to Devi. Accompanied by VJ Athanore.
  • Indian classical music with Catherine Potter on Bansuri, accompanied by the percussionist Subir Dev on tabla.


Frank looks, blissful smiles, first steps. Destabilization. First words. First realities, shock. Heartbeats. Movements. Encounter. Roots.

  • Screening of Bollywood film clips
  • OSO 3, with Marie Saintonge on Bansuri. Accompanied by VJ Lumea
  • Dance by Ginette Dion-Ahmed, titled A flots, accompanied by VJ Athanore.
  • Live musical performance by WaveRider


Wonder. First tenderness. Awakening. Heat. Exchange. Realized prayer. Two. The Path. New season. Flowering. Exacerbation of the senses. Desire. Enchantments.

  • Screening of Bollywood film clips
  • Performance by DJ Guapo & Friends
  • Catherine Potter – Bansuri, Shankar – Tabla, Simi Thomas – Indian classical vocals, Geeta Sparkle – Fusion vocals, Jean Pascal Heynemand – Opera singer, lyric baritone, Karine Cote – Opera singer, soprano, accompanied by the dancer Lotus Aima and VJ Athanore & Yellow Girl.


Exaltation. Journey. Communion. To abandon oneself. Relief. Light. Unification. Elevation. Celebration. Peace.

  • Screening of Bollywood film clips
  • Dance by Parul Gupta and her troupe
  • Electro Bollywood with DJ Matthew Burton, accompanied by VJ jocoolTIND